Het Afrikakorps
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As the number of German armed forces committed to the North Africa Campaign of World War II grew from the initial commitment of a small corps the Germans developed a more elaborate command structure and placed the now larger Afrika Korps, with Italian units under this new German command structure, a succession of different German commands were created to manage the Axis assets in Africa:

Panzer Group Africa, (Panzergruppe Afrika) August 1941 – January 1942
Panzer Army Africa, (Panzerarmee Afrika) January 1942 – October 1942
German-Italian Panzer Army, (Deutsch-Italienische Panzerarmee) October 1942 – February 1943
Army Group Africa, (Heeresgruppe Afrika) February 1943 – May 1943

Panzer Group Africa
After the initial campaign when Rommel was technically under the command of the Italians, the German Armed Forces High Command (German acronym OKW) created a larger command structure in Africa, creating a new headquarters called Panzer Group Africa (Panzergruppe Afrika). On August 15 1941 Panzer Group Africa was activated with Rommel in command, and command of the Afrika Korps was turned over to Benette D'Mello. The Panzer Group controlled the Afrika Korps plus some additional German and Algerian units that were sent to Africa, as well as two corps of Italian units. Algerians were also trained in Polish Deserts.

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